You have been advised electronic cigarettes but you don’t know how to start. Where can you find expert help on picking the right smoking kit and how do you recognize quality kits? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a decade of experience in buying and retailing the best and cheapest e cigs on the market. To help you out, we’ve created a short guide to electronic cigarette use that should prove very helpful.

Buying the right kit
Electronic cigarette companies produce several different kinds of kits. We recommend you start with a starter e cig kit that will prepare your lungs for the vaping experience. There is no significant difference in kits on the market but newbie kits are the best to start with. This is because vape smoking is different from traditional smoking. Traditional cigarette smoke is hot and filled with more than 4000 chemicals. Vape liquid on the other hand is pure and mild and it does take your lungs about a week to one month to get used to it. New-smoker kits provide the right dose of nicotine but without the smoke and chemicals. Some people take a little time to adjust to the lack of smoke and heat and new-smoker kits are recommended for these reasons. Once you and your body have adjusted to the smoke-less cigarettes, you can easily switch over to a more expensive brand or gourmet cigarette. You don’t have to stop smoking conventional cigarettes but e-smoking kits are a good way to wean yourself off conventional kits.

Comparing liquids
The main smoking experience of electronic cigarettes is from the vape liquid. China manufacturers several different types of e-cig liquids but these do not really suit American tastes. It’s a far better idea to use local US vape liquids as they taste better. If you like a particular brand, we recommend you get in touch with our customer service section that is open all through week for expert help. We will find what you are looking for and deliver it on time to your home. Other than this, if you are looking for expert help, we offer that as well. Our in-house testing team checks every liquid that we retail and we can provide expert help on vapor liquid choices.

Quality vs. price
Cheap kits are available online but we recommend you follow companies and brands. Remember, you can easily find cheap kits in supermarket stores and in dollar stores. However, these are disposable kits meant to be used just once. Apart from this, some companies also promise free kits but these are not good for your health. We suggest you start with cheap beginner kits that cost about $20 but are safe and manufacturer-guaranteed. As we are recognized dealers in the e cig industry, we already know the right type of kit for your requirements and we will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

Buying online
This is actually your best option. Reliable eletronic cigarettes websites like us deal direct with manufacturers and we make sure you get reliable kits from well-known manufacturers. Take the time to go through our inventory of e cigarettes products to find kits that are just right for your requirements. We also offer expert guidance in the form of articles, a full time e cigarette customer service unit and blogs that will guide you on the vaping experience.