A Buying Guide For electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking, as many medical experts feel that this is possible for most smokers. Also, there is a possibility of saving money once a smoker has invested in start-up costs, with many e-smokers or ‘vapers’ has done so through switching to this electronic nicotine delivery form. An electronic cigarette also gives the smoker freedom to enjoy nicotine virtually anywhere and in manner they will be comfortable with.

However, this does not mean that people should purchase an e cigarette just anywhere. Scams are abounding, and an unsuspecting buyer can end up with a low quality e-cig and having to part with huge amounts of money on a regular basis. Below are some tips to help someone get the right e cig for them while avoiding scams.

Avoid a Free Trial

While there are many free trials out there, the unfortunate thing is that most of them are scams. Usually, one has to enter their bank details in, and the retailer will start deducting money from their account after about two weeks. The money deducted is often substantial when compared to the quality of the products received. In addition, it can be difficult for the agreement to be cancelled, with some vapers having to resort to cancelling their debit or credit cards.

Reviews Sites

Unfortunately, most of e cigarettes review sites are merely affiliate marketing links designed to make people click on products with positive reviews so that the site owner can earn a commission. The only reliable way of finding independent reviews is through visiting e-cig forums in which community members post unbiased reviews.

There is a foolproof way of identifying scam reviews sites only interested in earning affiliate fees; they review mini e-cigarettes only as opposed to the full products range. E cigs are available in three basic range of sizes; APV, mini and mid-size. Minis are the cigarette-clone models popular with new smokers as they are the smallest type. On the other hand, mid-size models are roughly the size of a cigar, and happen to be what most smokers upgrade to once they finish the initial trailing system period. APVs are the unusually shaped or larger models having advanced features and preferred by those looking for the ultimate experience. Affiliate-based review websites usually feature the minis only, since they target newcomers who are unlikely to realise they are directed to affiliate sales channels as opposed to the best products.

Look For Indicators of Reputable Firms

Certain countries have trade organizations or consumer groups smokers can check for approvals. For instance, some of the best firms in the United Kingdom carry the ECITA logo, which is the UK industry association. Such companies have to pass a stringent audit prior to being allowed to carry this logo. However, this does not mean that firms that are ECITA non-members are in some way inferior, but it provides a vaper with a benchmark for guidance.

Other indicators of a good firm include secure connections; trust signs like Verisign and MC Afee, as well as clear contact details include phone numbers that are actually answered when called. Generally, if a vendor’s site bears no trade association logo, offers a free trial, or the contact details it provides cannot be verified, then a smoker better consult with a consumer group prior to making a purchase.